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As documented here I’ve been working with Swept Up Theatre to document their newly written play Yellow Pears, which they are taking to the Edinburgh Fringe this August.  They’ve got a Kickstarter campaign to help get them there, and they’re so nearly at their target!

You can watch a short film I made about their project, and why they need your help in funding them, so please, head on over, and show your support to a group of very talented ladies, who have written a terrific piece of theatre, which deserves to be seen by the masses at Edinburgh!

Yellow Pears Kickstarter link: Please click here

What is Kickstarter? I hear some of you cry!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which allows smaller creative projects to get off the ground, with the support of lots of people putting in small amounts.  The kicker to kickstarter is, however, that if projects don’t reach their stated target, they don’t get any of the funds promised to them at all, however close, and the money stays with those who pledged it – Kickstarter don’t take anything from this at all.

If you can’t make it to Edinburgh, and would like to see the play, they are showing it in London for one night only at The Union Chapel, Islington on 28 July, 6pm. See here for more info.


Press Shots for Yellow Pears, photo by Richard Lakos

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