Wild Kingdom film now online

During August – September 2012 I spent many hours on a building site on Three Mills Green, Bow, East London, hanging out with builders from The Landscape Group as the Wild Kingdom playspace was slowly created before my eyes.  Wild Kingdom is a unique playspace designed by We Made That and Free Play, commissioned by charity The Legacy List, London Legacy Development Corporation, in collaboration with Lea Valley Regional Park Authority.

It’s an incredible playspace, with swings tucked in trees, trampolines in the ground, giant nets strung across tree trunks, ropes to climb and nature to explore.  There’s even a beautiful example of carpentry with a herring-bone stage you can perform plays on.

Built as part of the Olympic Legacy for the local area, the film documents the build process, and the thinking behind it. I for one wish playgrounds like this existed when I was younger – though don’t think this is off-bounds for adults!

Film, interviews, edit.

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