View Tube – Crane Lift

Back in July I spent a brilliant evening documenting a crane lift of the new extension up at View Tube in East London. Many months of planning had gone in to getting the right permissions from contractors, train lines and security companies to bring in a carefully sourced 150 tonne crane.  The crane, rather gracefully, then lifted two new shipping containers and a bridge up on to the Greenway for the last bits of a long planned extension for View Tube, creating a new office, bike shed and walkway/viewing platform to allow visitors to look out onto the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This is my attempt to relay the atmosphere of that relaxed summers evening, beautifully soundtracked by Dan Smee.

To see the extension in real life View Tube is free to visit Monday – Sunday, 9am-5pm.

View Tube, The Greenway, Marshgate Lane London E15 2PJ
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