The Phantom of the Opera – Roy Budd

February 2014

Despite the rain, today is an exciting one, as the general public are finally able to get their hands on a project I’ve been involved with for the past year or so. I’ve been working with Mishka Productions, to release The Phantom of the Opera, a new remastered version of the 1925 silent film classic, but what’s remarkable about it, is the score, composed by Roy Budd. Budd was a prolific film composer, with perhaps his best known score for the cult film Get Carter, starring Michael Caine. A musical child prodigy from the age of 4, Roy was a hugely talented musician and composer, highly regarded in the film and music industry.

The Phantom of the Opera was a pet project of Roy’s, and he lovingly composed an incredible new score to Phantom, and remastered the film to beautiful effect. The symphonic score was his last composition before his untimely death in 1993, just five weeks before he was due to conduct this new creation at a public celebration at the Barbican, London.

The DVD release also includes extra’s, with an exclusive interview I filmed and edited from esteemed film director Mike Hodges, director and writer of Get Carter. In the interview Hodges discusses the making of Get Carter, and how he took the film from book to screen. Also included is rare footage of Roy Budd playing with the Roy Budd Trio at the 1983 Bob Hope Gala in London.

This is a DVD release made possible with a great deal of love and determination; you can purchase the DVD here:, and discover more about the life and work of Roy Budd on the website

Edit: 2.6.14 – for those asking for availability of this DVD release outside the UK, Mishka Productions is working to make this a possibility – they are a tiny company and obviously want Roy’s work to be available to as many fans as possibly -it’s great to see so many people are passionate about his work. A CD release of the soundtrack will also be available soon

Edit: 19.06.14 The DVD is now available for international shipping, and I’m also happy to say there is a CD release of the soundtrack available to purchase from Mishka Productions, via Amazon, as well –

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2 Replies

  1. WOWHHH! What a read!!

    Hope you can sell this great release also outside the UK via soon.
    This is the Holy Grail for Roy Budd fans!

    (another option/combination: selling this one via PayPal here is easy: you only have to provide an PayPal email address and a total on this site, you getting the money and address to ship to via PayPal)

    • Hi Milo, great to hear your passion for Roy Budd’s work. The DVD is now available for international shipping, so I hope you can get your hands on it soon! There’s also a CD release of the soundtrack as well, I’ve updated the post with the link.