Spring update: 3 years

It took me by surprise, that according to my LinkedIn profile, it has been 3 years since I started on my filmmaking journey! I am incredibly grateful to still be creating and learning more each day about the craft of filmmaking. I’ve had the pleasure of getting involved in so many fascinating projects, and met a heap of inspirational people, both those I’ve interviewed, and those making things happen behind the scenes.  A massive thank you goes out to everyone who has supported me over the past few years, whether through commissioning me to make films, or for providing encouragement, wisdom, technical advice, investment help or simply some time to listen.  I’m so excited that going into my fourth year, I do so with a new C100 camera, an investment to help take my filmmaking to the next level. I’ve been really impressed with the results from the camera so far, and look forward to working with it on upcoming projects.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing lots of work with DCM, finishing off some projects with Invisible Dust, plus starting to work on several long term projects, which include documenting Bow Arts East London Painters Prize, plus documenting one of their education programme with artists in schools. I’ve also been working with Discover Children’s Story Centre, documenting their Olympic Legacy poetry competition, and I filmed a gallery talk with artist Susan Aldworth, discussing her latest exhibition, Transcience, where she explores the human brain as matter, creating etchings from actual human brain tissue, an historical first.

I’ve also been busy watching as many films as I can, and was able to attend both Glasgow Film Festival and the recent Sundance London Festival, where I watched some great films and Q&As with the talent behind them. I post my thoughts on some of the films I’ve seen over on my Letterboxd account. Post photo by David Tett for DCM at BAFTA.

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