National Oceanography Centre

Royal Princess Cruise ship

Royal Princess Cruise ship

On Friday, once again, I travelled with the Invisible Dust team down to Southampton as part of their Invisible Waves project.  This time I was taking photos of their schools day at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), organised as part of the project.  Dr Hugh Mortimer, artist Phil Coy and physicist Olly Morris were on hand, along with NOC staff, to give the year 9 students a taste of science (and art) outside the classroom.

The 8 minute documentary I have been working on about the project got it’s first public screening at NOC, and will be available online soon.  A shortened version of the film will also be heading to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

It was a fascinating day, and had the additional plus of being the day the new cruise ship the Princess Royal sailed into dock – I should have asked for a refresher course on the physics of just how such a gigantic beast stays afloat!

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