Podcast and film project, March 2017
Métier (noun) 1. a profession or trade, especially that to which one is well suited 2. a person’s strong point or speciality

On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2017, the first chapter of Métier was launched, a new film and podcast series celebrating women and their work. Created with close friend and curator, Rosie Murdoch, each chapter sees a new story emerge, exploring a woman working with passion within her field.

On shoot, photo by Saskia Nelson, 2017

This is an intensely personal and important project to and allows Rosie and I to collaborate on a professional platform to support some of the amazing women we meet, as well as inspire others.

We aptly launched the project on International Women’s Day with an awesome bunch of people. We’d like to thank the wonderful team at DCM for believing in the project, and wonderfully hosting us in their screening room for the launch.

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