Legacy List at 2 years

I’ve been a little quiet on the updates of late, but have been working very hard nonetheless! The past few months have seen me working on a whole host of films, which will slowly be making their way into the public arena over the next month or so. One film which I began working on July is, however, now online.

I’ve worked with the charity The Legacy List since their inception more or less. I first worked with them on their Sparked exhibition series at View Tube, coordinating the exhibitions, as well as making the films, and then went on to document several of their projects, such as Wild Kingdom, and made a film about East London for the inaugural Mayoral Business Dinner last November, London Means Business.  I love working with the dedicated, lovely and TINY team who keep everything going, and always find myself talking to someone interesting when making films for them.

I was therefore delighted to be commissioned to make another film for Legacy List, for the second London Means Business Dinner at the Museum of London, where London Mayor, Boris Johnson, spoke to many of the movers and shakers in the capitals business world. The film (see below) was a product of many, many hours of work.  I spent the summer running about East London filming as many Legacy List’s projects as I could fit in, and interviewed a whole host of people related to the charity, from participants at Art Camp and Legacy Youth Radio, to trustees such as June Sarpong and Howard Dawber. I found myself on a floating cinema, pond dipping in canals, up the Orbit, picking through a derelict psychiatric hospital, and at a whole host of other weird and wonderful places across East London that the Legacy List work in.

A first version of the film was shown at a special event for patrons and funders of the charity in September at the Bulgari Hotel, before a finalised piece, with some additional interviews, was screened at the London Means Business event just last week.  Shout out goes to the brilliant Clas Tuuth who provided their track Sketch to help get the right East London mood!

If you’d like to find out more about the charity, visit their website

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