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Jeremy Deller: Bats in Space

An echolocating bat from Emma Crouch on Vimeo.

I’m currently working on a short art documentary for one of Jeremy Deller’s latest project Bats in Space. As part of this I found myself wandering along East London’s The Greenway at dusk last night, with two bat experts Huma and Laura, and many gadgets to help us hear the bats as they were feeding.

I remember watching bats flying about in our garden when I was younger, and I’m sure I remember being able to hear them (children can pick up higher frequencies than adults). But hearing them echolocating (biological sonar) in this format was very cool, such an alien sound.  I also learnt a heap of a lot about these tiny creatures from Huma and Laura.

Learn about them yourself and take part in Jeremy Deller’s project this July 2012 by booking onto the bat walks yourself, an Invisible Dust project as part of Create 12.

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