HighWaterLine Bristol

HighWaterLine Bristol sees the first UK outing of Eve Mosher’s public intervention artwork HighWaterLine created with flood-risk communities around the globe. Beginning life in 2007 in New York, artist Eve Mosher demarcated 70 miles of flood zone with a thick blue chalk line in New York. Quickly realising the project was a great way to spark conversations and action in the communities the chalk line passes through, the project evolved to become a community led initiative, allowing local people to come together and work towards creating resilience to flooding and sea-level rise in their city. The project moved to Miami in 2013, and then came to the UK via Bristol in 2014.

Presented by Invisible Dust, in partnership with Creative Catalysts, HighWaterLine Bristol was led by Isobel Tarr, with project support from Anna Wilson. The film documents the project in Bristol, where during September 2014, people from communities across Bristol helped to demarcate a 32 mile chalk line around the flood risk zone. The River Avon has the second highest tidal range in the world (12 meters), and despite flood protection in the city, Bristol frequently floods, leaving the city vulnerable to climate change impacts in the future.

The film will be included in exhibition at the National Maritime Museum from November 2014 – May 2015 as part of their public participation gallery RE:THINK.

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