Herne Hill 48hr Film Competition Winner!

Accepting the Clockie award from producer David Parfitt.

Accepting the Clockie award from producer David Parfitt (minus Rose).

A few weekends ago over a rainy/sunny May bank holiday, myself and three friends took on the Herne Hill 48 hour Film Competition challenge. For those unaware how these the work, you get given a line of dialogue, a prop and a location, you then have 48 hours to film and edit a film using those three things. It’s intense! This was my first foray into creating drama, and alongside the talented India Crawford, Rose McPhilemy and Joanna Greaney, it was a lot of fun.

We were really happy with what we created in such a short time, and it seemed to go down well with the judges too, who awarded us not only winners of the Over 16s category, but also overall winner of the film competition as a whole!!

You can watch the film online here, and check out the Herne Hill YouTube channel for all the other entries too:

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