Flying Low & Passing Through: Leila McMillan R&D

In May-June of this year, I spent some time over a 4 week period with seven dancers, a choreographer, producer, DJ and photographer on a research and development project on the dance technique, Flying Low and Passing Through. Conceived by choreographer/dancer Leila McMillan, one of the many aims of the R&D was to see if there was a way to develop the technique, created by David Zambrano, and develop it further, whilst also seeing the effects of working with a creative team for an extended period of time.

The project was an absolute pleasure to work on, there’s a few short films to come out from it, but here is one as a taster, which offers a snapshot across the whole project.

Video URL: Flying Low and Passing Through Development, 2014

Directed by Leila McMillan in collaboration with Dance Artists: Faith Prendergast, Karl William Fagerlund Brekke, Mansoor Ali, Martha Passakopoulou, Kraczkowska Karolina, Typhaine Delaup, and Ben McEwan… DJ Damien Smith, Photographer Manuel Vazquez and Filmmaker Emma Crouch.Produced by Gail M. Schock, Ducky Productions, Supported by Arts Council England, Greenwich Dance, TripSpace Projects, Muxima

Featured image copyright Manuel Vazquez

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