Update – Aug 2013

The last few weeks I’ve been slack at blogging as I’ve been so busy filming and editing – so here’s a quick round up:

– Finished editing the longer project film for the Made In Bow exhibition at The Nunnery Gallery, which can be viewed here

– Took part in a London Quiz for Legacy List, where they previewed an advert I made for the charity with Potion Pictures. The ad played out at all the Live Nation events on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, including Wireless and Hard Rock Calling, to introduce Legacy List as the charity for the Park.  Some photos I have taken for them were used in their marketing materials as well

– Completed the film for Invisible Dust which will play at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, which can be viewed here

– In the same week came face to face with cricketing legend Ricky Ponting and a rhino’s bum at Shoreditch Festival!

– Filmed at the Floating Cinema launch as part of a wider film I am making for the Legacy List charity about their funded projects

– Spent a brilliant evening filming at View Tube whilst their new extension was craned in on a 150tonne crane

– After a quick trip up the Orbit, watched some of the Anniversary Games in the Olympic Stadium, then went over to do some filming at Open East Festival

– Filmed at Art Camp at St Clements, and wonderful temporary used space in a derelict former workhouse and mental health hospital in Mile End

– After I stumbled across some artists installing the weird and wonderful Compulsion exhibition at St Clements, running as part of the Danny Boyle curated Shuffle Festival, I grasped the opportunity and am now making a short film about their work. The exhibition runs from 4pm – sunset daily from 8-18th August with work from artists; Susan Aldworth, Silke Dettmers, Tessa Garland, Kerry Lawrence, Miranda Housden, Susie MacMurray, Jo Stockham and Amikam Toren.

Compulsion exhibition

Compulsion exhibition

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