David Rickard

May 2021

Beyond Sight Within Grasp (Red Yellow and Blue)

A collaboration with artist David Rickard as an extension of his UCL Culture Trellis project, Beyond Sight Within Grasp (Red Yellow and Blue) in 2019-2020. Rickard worked with Professor Tony Kenyon, Professor of Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Materials at UCL on a project exploring the thresholds of vision. This collaboration also included members of community group Beyond Sight Loss.

This new work uses a conversation with David and Tony to further explore some of the concepts behind their collaboration, weaved together with visuals of the Atomic Force Microscope and David in his studio.

Developed with the support of EPSRC funding. With thanks to the Nano-electronic & Nanophotonic Materials Laboratory at UCL and Beyond Sight Loss.

Originally commissioned as part of the UCL Trellis project. Trellis was a public art and community engagement project which partnered researchers from UCL with artists local to, or connected to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where UCL will be opening a new campus, UCL East, in 2023.

The film was featured as part of SEISMA Magazines profile on David in May 2021.

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