Bow Bells Ring

June 2011, Invisible Dust

Bow Bells Ring is a temporary installation by East London artist Colin Priest, comprising 100 bicycle bells situated at critical experiential points along the Greenway, Capital Ring towpath and Stratford High Street.

Two films were made as part of this series, the short documentary shown below, as well as an audio tour of Bow Bells Ring from the artist Colin Priest.

The installation ran from 25th June — 3rd August 2011, and also took part in the 700th year anniversary celebrations of Bow Church on 17-18 September 2011.

Bow Bells Ring was commissioned by View Tube Art, as part of ‘Bicycle Wheel’ curated by Alice Sharp from Invisible Dust. Bow Bells Ring was part of Create 11 Festival. Bow Bells Ring has been funded by the Arts Council England.

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