Alison Turnbull – Trellis

January 2020

Point Patterns: Alison Turnbull, Dr Elsa Arcaute, Hugo Glendinning

This film explores the partnership built between the artist Alison Turnbull and Elsa Arcaute, Associate Professor at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Alongside new drawings, the pair worked together with dancer Sara Ruddock and filmmaker Hugo Glendinning to create a film.

In this project, Alison’s work explores movement in response to Elsa’s research data on cities as fractals.

Commissioned as part of the UCL Trellis project. Trellis was a public art and community engagement project which partnered researchers from UCL with artists local to, or connected to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where UCL will be opening a new campus, UCL East, in 2023.

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