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If your work sparks curiosity, creativity or hope then I want to shine a light on it. I collaborate with those whose work I love – whether that be an artist, charity, educator, social interest group or creative – documenting the impact of their projects or ideas.

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I love the whole creative process of making films, and usually work as an autonomous filmmaker.

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I capture curiosity, creativity, passion and kindness through film.

With a degree in Anthropology, I have a natural curiosity about the world and those who move through it.

You can find me tramping around on building sites, hanging out with artists in their studios, in the Swiss mountains with a group of educators or hanging off the back of a truck in Malawi. If you are doing good in the world, then I want to discover more, camera in hand.

When I’m not making films, you can find me watching them, eating curry, or sweating it out on the dance floor.



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